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REUTERS January 31, 2023

U.S. to end COVID-19 emergency declarations on May 11

President Joe Biden's administration on Monday said it will end COVID-19 emergency declarations on May 11, nearly three years after the United States imposed sweeping pandemic measures to curb the spread of the illness.

HealthAffairs January 27, 2023

Community Health Centers And Medicaid: A Deeper Dive Into FQHC Alternative Payment Reform

Medicaid payment reform for community health centers (CHCs) is a matter of longstanding interest. Experts have assessed the opportunities and challenges that can arise, and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation has targeted payment innovation for safety-net providers as a priority.

healthleaders January 26, 2023


The healthcare system has reached a crisis point; millions of Americans who suffer from mental illnesses can't find care. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, an estimated one in five adults suffer from a mental illness, and more than half do not receive treatment. January 26, 2023

Survey Findings: Medicaid Telehealth For Behavioral Health Care

Medicaid Telehealth has emerged as a crucial component in extending and facilitating access for individuals with behavioral health needs. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of telehealth to deliver healthcare services safely and effectively.


Race, Age, Language Barriers Fuel Telehealth Delivery Disparities

A recent study found that hurdles related to race, age, language, and access to technology lead to healthcare disparities among telehealth users. January 26, 2023

Controversy: New Mental Health Telehealth Requirement for An “In-Person Visit” is continuing its Q&A series to address questions that it frequently receives. This week’s installment concerns a recently published blog post about a controversial reimbursement requirement for telemental health telehealth after the end of the public health emergency (PHE).

HealthcareITNews January 25, 2023

Geisinger solves behavioral health access problem with telemedicine

The result the health system's virtual care chief is proudest of: reducing the referral queue from 19,000 patients to 3,000. "That is astounding," he says.


Partnership to Launch Hospital-at-Home Program in Florida

Orlando Health is working with a health technology company to provide hospital-level care at home to patients in Central Florida.


Virginia Health System Creates Hospital-At-Home Program

VCU Health has implemented a hospital-at-home program, which has a goal to provide acute care at home to 2,000 patients in its first year.

HealthcareITNews January 24, 2023

Geisinger at Home offers primary care to populations with chronic or complex conditions

"We have seen a $400 per member, per month improvement in patient total cost of care," says CMO Jonathan Welch.


In-Person, Virtual Consults On Par in Achieving Shared Decision-Making

Recent research found that telehealth use for first-time surgery consultations led to similar levels of shared decision-making as those appointments that occurred in person.

HealthcareITNews January 23, 2023

What's ahead for health IT policy and legislation in 2023

The government relations team at HIMSS offers some insights on what's next for telehealth, broadband expansion, interoperability rules and more in the year ahead.


Group asks CMS to Issue Interim Final Rule to Preserve Telehealth Access

The Alliance for Connected Care sent a letter to CMS requesting that the agency compose an interim final rule to eliminate potential telehealth access gaps for Medicare beneficiaries.

HealthcareITNews January 23, 2023

Three 2023 telemedicine trends that advance the 'new normal' in healthcare

A telehealth and remote patient monitoring expert points to ongoing momentum, market positioning and specialty care as keys moving forward.


Pediatric Hospital Combines Urgent Care Services with Telehealth

A recent effort from Seattle Children’s involved implementing virtual urgent care services to treat various conditions, including coughs and colds.

healthleaders January 20, 2023


The use of telehealth soared during the pandemic and demonstrated its value in improving the delivery of and access to health care.

healthleaders January 20, 2023


The study found that virtual visits have the same value as in-person visits for communication and shared decision-making. And they're more convenient.

healthleaders January 19, 2023


The growing use of healthcare mobile applications and websites—and the associated use of online tracking technologies—raises privacy concerns under HIPAA that developers of such applications and healthcare organizations should keep in mind.

HEALTHCAREDIVE January 19, 2023

Study throws claims of telehealth savings into doubt

However, Kaiser Family Foundation researchers did stress telehealth’s benefit in expanding access and convenience for consumers.


Private Insurer Payment for Telehealth On Par with In-Person Care in 2020

The reimbursement for privately insured individuals receiving care virtually and in person was similar early in the pandemic, raising questions about whether telehealth can help cut health spending.


Collaboration to Provide Access to Virtual LGBTQ+ Care in New England

A recent collaboration between Point32Health and Included Health aims to provide virtual LGBTQ+ care to Massachusetts-based health plan members.


Collaboration Adds Telehealth Center to Retail Pharmacy Location

A partnership between a South Carolina-based hospital and Publix Pharmacy aims to add a telehealth center as well as medical diagnostic equipment to a pharmacy location.


Collaboration to Provide Access to Virtual LGBTQ+ Care in New England

A recent collaboration between Point32Health and Included Health aims to provide virtual LGBTQ+ care to Massachusetts-based health plan members.

HealthcareITNews January 18, 2023 

Telehealth provider carafem launches 'immediate evaluation' process for abortion pills

The company said patients living in Illinois, Colorado, New Mexico and Maryland can find out quickly if they're eligible to receive the medication by mail.


Telehealth Saves Healthcare Costs for Some Cancer Patients

A recent study found that telehealth helped reduce time and travel costs for nonelderly cancer patients, with cost savings ranging between $147.4 and $186.1.

NCTRC Staff Janaury 18, 2023

Preparing For The End Of The PHE And The End Of HIPAA Enforcement Discretion

At the start of the PHE, the HHS Office for Civil Rights (OCR) issued a Notification of Enforcement Discretion to all health care providers that are covered by HIPAA and provide telehealth services during an emergency. What it has meant is that covered health care providers would not be subject to penalties for violations of the HIPAA Privacy, Security and Breach Notification Rules that occur in the good faith provision of telehealth during the PHE.

HealthcareITNews January 18, 2023

After a big telehealth buy, Horizon Health Alliance now serves 70% of patients virtually

The provider of mental health and substance use disorder care is now fully equipped and boasts high patient satisfaction.


Telehealth Gave Orgs Economic Boost, Cut Carbon Footprint

Recent research found that telehealth led to the saving of over 53 million miles in travel distance and over $22 million in travel costs. January 17, 2023

April 2023 End of the PHE? Mental Health Telehealth & Beyond

While the official end of the public health emergency (PHE) was extended to April 2023 for many federal government programs, two federal actions will further extend the deadline for federal Medicare reimbursement until at least December 31, 2024. A notable requirement for mental health telehealth providers to see their clients and patients in person was announced, despite telebehavioral health being permanently approved for medicare reimbursement in 2022.

HealthcareITNews January 17, 2023

Keck Hospital and School of Medicine of USC makes powerful strides with tele-GI

The pandemic spurred the health system's gastroenterologist professors, other clinicians, IT leaders and administrators to kick some very complex virtual care into high gear.

CCHP January 17,2023


Last month, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) proposed regulations to change current rules regarding the protection of patient records in federally run substance use disorders (SUD) programs.


Telehealth Can Support Care of Young Children with Developmental Delay

A recent study found that a telehealth-delivered parenting intervention combined with real-time therapist coaching highly benefited young children with developmental delay.


Audio-Only Coverage of Behavioral Health Common Across Medicaid Programs

Most states took at least one Medicaid-related policy action to expand coverage of telebehavioral health services in response to COVID-19, most commonly expanding audio-only coverage of the services, a new report shows. Released by Kaiser...


Telehealth utilization has declined almost 4%

The decline was larger than the national average in the South, Midwest and West, and there was an increase in the Northeast.


MA Health Plans to Expand Access to Virtual Behavioral Healthcare

Through a partnership with Valera Health, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and Tufts Health Plan members will gain access to behavioral health services delivered through telehealth. January 12, 2023

Improving Handovers in Mental Health Emergency Telehealth

Emergency departments (EDs) nationwide face numerous challenges, including the demand issue of many mental health patients and few mental health professionals to serve them. Emergency telehealth services have been tested and conducted for decades, often in Medicaid telehealth and safety-net settings. January 12, 2023

Medicare Rolls Out Telehealth Indicator for Patients to Easily Find Telehealth Providers

In January 2023, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) rolled out a new telehealth “indicator” to make information about Medicare telehealth providers on publicly-available clinician profile pages more readily available.

FIERCEHealthcare January 12, 2023 

Thousands of patients could lose mental health services if pandemic-era rules end, Talkiatry data show

As the pandemic wanes, telepsychiatry companies are crossing their fingers that the virtual care market boosted by the pandemic can continue to thrive.


Northwell Health Launches AI-Based Chatbot to Reduce Maternal Mortality

The New York City-based health system has released an artificial intelligence-based chatbot to identify urgent needs and extend virtual care for pregnant women.


New Data Shows Telehealth Usage Drops by 4% Nationally

The latest Fair Health data shows that telehealth usage fell by around 4 percent nationally in October 2022, making up 5.2 percent of all medical claim lines.


Partnership to Expand Access to Integrated Virtual Care for Diabetes

A recent collaboration between Omada Health Partners and Castell, an Intermountain Healthcare subsidiary, aims to manage and prevent diabetes through integrated virtual care.

FIERCEHealthcare January 11, 2023

Medicare Advantage, telehealth expansion allies to helm key House panels

The new leaders of the influential House Ways and Means Committee and the House Energy and Commerce Committee have previously been fierce advocates for extending telehealth services as well as preserving Medicare Advantage (MA).

FIERCEHealthcare January 11, 2023


The new leaders of the influential House Ways and Means Committee and the House Energy and Commerce Committee have previously been fierce advocates for extending telehealth services as well as preserving Medicare Advantage (MA).

healthleaders January 10, 2023


Feds are working piecemeal to codify new rules for prescribing controlled substances.

Foley & Lardner, LLP January 10, 2023

2023 Forecast for Digital Health Startups and Telemedicine Law

With 2022 closed, there is growing anticipation (trepidation?) about what is in store for digital health in the new year. Will venture funding trickle or will 2023 see more liquidity in the markets? What legal and policy changes can we expect to see? And how will the end of the Public Health Emergency (PHE) waivers affect telemedicine services and patient care?


Telehealth Offset Declines in In-Person Mental Healthcare in 2020

A new study shows that amid the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a 16- to 20- fold increase in telehealth use for treating mental health conditions, counteracting the drop in in-person care volumes.

healthleaders January 10. 2023


As technology advances, an increasing number of health care professionals are utilizing virtual reality (VR) as a way to improve patient care. VR is an effective tool in certain fields of patient therapy, and it’s currently being explored as a way to provide an aspect of palliative care for people with chronic and serious illnesses, including COVID-19.

CCHP January 10. 2023

Preparing for the End of the PHE: How Federal Telehealth Policy is Expected to Change in 2023

With the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE) likely ending in 2023 it has become increasingly urgent for providers to start preparing themselves for its imminent termination. The PHE was initially declared by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on January 31, 2020, and has been renewed every 90 days since. The most recent renewal occurred October 13, 2022, ensuring the PHE would remain until at least January 11, 2023, however it is expected that the PHE will be renewed one more time until April 11, 2023.

healthleaders January 10. 2023


Although virtual-care adoption has substantially increased, healthcare organizations can pursue additional opportunities to reduce disparities in access.


Rural Hospitals to Use Grant to Enhance Virtual Care Access

A grant from MultiPlan Corp., which works with payers and providers to enhance healthcare services, will enable two hospitals to boost virtual care resources to address rural healthcare needs.


New mHealth Intervention Aims to Curb Smoking Among Black HIV Patients

University of Houston researchers have launched a research project to study whether an mHealth app intervention can help Black patients with HIV quit smoking.


New Federal Telehealth Program Aims to Treat COVID-19 Patients at Home

The National Institutes of Health has launched a federal COVID-19 telehealth program that will provide tests and services, such as at-home treatments, to patients in selected communities.


Collaboration to Expand Access to Breastfeeding Support Via Telehealth

A new partnership aims to provide thousands of Connecticut families with pre-and perinatal breastfeeding support through telehealth.

FIERCEHealthcare January 6, 2023

How mental health made the 'remarkable transition' to virtual: study

What RAND researchers describe as “a remarkable transition in the U.S. health system from in-person to virtual care” occurred during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 for individuals seeking mental health services.


Telehealth Visits at Community Health Centers Rose to 21% in 2021

The jump in telehealth use during the COVID-19 pandemic helped sustain medical and mental health services at community health centers, according to recent Kaiser Family Foundation data.


TN Hospital Operator Launches Remote Patient Monitoring Program

A new partnership will add remote care services to Ardent Health Services' healthcare facilities, enabling the monitoring of patient vital signs outside clinic locations.


Report Details 4 Imperatives of Virtual Care Growth

A recent report described four imperatives to enable health systems to grow their virtual care offerings, including getting buy-in early and ensuring vendor partnerships are productive.


Smartphone-Based Mental Health Apps Mainly Provide Basic Features

New research shows that although various mental health services are offered via smartphone apps, only a few provide innovative features like specialized therapies.

HealthcareITNews Janaury 3, 2023

Electronic Caregiver launches customizable, animated RPM

Designed to provide affordable health monitoring and wellness support at home, the virtual assistant could help providers increase treatment adherence rates and improve health outcomes for aging and chronically ill patients.


Long-Term Digital Health Tool Use Linked to Demographic, Health Factors

Older individuals, women, and college graduates participating in a digital health study were more likely to consistently use digital health tools over a one-year period, new research shows.

CCHP Janaury 3, 2023

Telehealth & The First Year of the Pandemic-Looking a Six Federal Programs

A new report released last month by the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee (PRAC) focused on the use of telehealth in programs from six federal agencies.

healthleaders Janaury 3, 2023


TeleSANE services are expanding across the country in rural, sparsely populated areas.

HealthcareITNews Janaury 3, 2023

Mercy Virtual Care Center: A deep dive into a virtual hospital

Health system Mercy's groundbreaking facility makes robust use of telehealth and remote patient monitoring – and has the results to prove the model's success.

VPQHC December 2022


In collaboration with the Northeast Telehealth Resource Center and MCD Global Health, VPQHC is pleased to share the findings of a one-year look at the needs of emergency departments (EDs) in caring for people with mental health crises.

Foley & Lardner, LLP December 29, 2022

Another Extension of Telehealth Relief for HDHP/HSA Plans

The Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023 (2023 CAA) further extends the HSA safe harbor allowing high deductible health plans (HDHPs) to offer first dollar coverage of telehealth services without ruining HDHP members’ ability to make or receive pre-tax contributions into their health savings accounts (HSAs). In other words, HDHP plans can continue to waive the deductible for any telehealth services without causing members to lose HSA eligibility.

HealthcareITNews December 29, 2022

Telehealth helps stop suicidal ideation for many patients, study finds

One person dies from suicide every 11 minutes in the U.S. A new study shows that telemedicine can be used to treat more severe mental illness – contrary to previous thought.

HealthcareITNews December 28, 202

How UVA Health's Medicine HOME program reduces hospitalizations and readmissions

One analysis found overall, inpatient and/or observational admissions dropped by 30%, readmissions decreased by 46%, and total costs of care fell by 20%.

Foley & Lardner, LLP December 22, 2023

The Future of Telemedicine Post-PHE and How to Advocate for Change: An interview with Nathaniel Lacktman

Many of the telehealth flexibilities that became popular with both patients and clinicians during the COVID-19 pandemic will expire when the public health emergency (PHE) ends. December 22, 2022

2023 Preview of Telemental Health Laws & Behavioral Telehealth Regulations

After continuing COVID-related telemental health laws and behavioral telehealth regulations in 2022, many key issues for 2023 are already decided. Both federal and state legislative groups have focused heavily on passing behavioral telehealth regulations to be enacted in 2023 and are poised to extend in subsequent years.

CCHP December 20, 2022

CCHP Leadership Provides A Lookback at Telehealth Policy in 2022

As another full year of living under the public health emergency (PHE) for COVID-19 comes to an end, we are taking a look back to see what has happened this year with telehealth policy on both the federal and state level.

HealthcareITNews December 20, 2022

UCHealth slashes code blues up to 70% with telehealth technologies

The academic medical center uses tele-sitter and virtual ICU platforms for a program it calls Virtual Deterioration


Telehealth Remains Key Modality for Behavioral Healthcare Delivery

A Michigan-based provider leveraged a telehealth solution to expand critical access to behavioral healthcare as demand for these services skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Telehealth Remains Key Modality for Behavioral Healthcare Delivery

A Michigan-based provider leveraged a telehealth solution to expand critical access to behavioral healthcare as demand for these services skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

HealthcareITNews December 19, 2022

A staffing expert shows how telehealth Is stepping in to fill the staffing shortage

"As clinicians are passionate about patients receiving quality healthcare delivered in a timely manner, I see telehealth programs being the key to improving patient outcomes and the overall healthcare experience," he says.


Telehealth Remains Key Modality for Behavioral Healthcare Delivery

A Michigan-based provider leveraged a telehealth solution to expand critical access to behavioral healthcare as demand for these services skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Most Physicians, Hospital Execs Working to Sustain, Optimize Telehealth

A recent survey indicated that 70 percent of practice physicians and 56 percent of hospital executives are working to sustain or optimize telehealth programs.


Telehealth Remains Key Modality for Behavioral Healthcare Delivery

A Michigan-based provider leveraged a telehealth solution to expand critical access to behavioral healthcare as demand for these services skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Telehealth Helped Improve Attendance Rates at NICU Follow-Ups

New research found that a telehealth consultation before discharge from neonatal intensive care units improved follow-up attendance rates by 35 percent.


Collab Aims to Improve Access to At-Home, Telemental Health Services

A new collaboration between Superior HealthPlan, MedArrive, and Brave Health aims to assist patients in obtaining at-home healthcare combined with telehealth and virtual behavioral health services.

HealthcareITNews December 15, 2022

Epic research shows telehealth efficacy, makes case for more reimbursement

The study of 35 million telehealth visits found that most patients did not require in-person visits within 90 days of online appointments, indicating virtual visits as an effective "alternative, rather than duplicative" care modality.


US Reps Push for Extension of Telehealth Flexibilities for HDHP Members

Three US Representatives led a bipartisan group of lawmakers in submitting a request to Congress to extend telehealth flexibilities for some high-deductible health plan members.


HHS Proposes Rule to Continue Expanded Access to Virtual OUD Services

The US Department of Health and Human Services has proposed a rule that would allow providers to initiate the prescription of buprenorphine virtually for the treatment of opioid use disorders.

HealthcareITNews December 13, 2022

Mount Sinai Health tackles digital health inequity with robust RPM program

The result? Greatly improved patient outcomes and big cost savings.


Healthcare CFOs: Telehealth Does Not Improve Overall Financial Picture

New research based on interviews with rural healthcare CFOs showed that they see some financial value in telehealth but do not believe it improved their hospitals' financial situations.


Researchers to Develop Smartwatch Device to Address Youth Mental Health Crisis

A partnership between Oregon researchers and Analog Devices engineers aims to mitigate the mental health crisis among teens through the development and use of a wearable smartwatch device.


Configuring Virtual Care to Boost Pediatric Healthcare Quality, Access

Virtual care can be a boon for pediatric patients and providers alike, but the key to a successful program lies in selecting and implementing the right technolog

HealthcareITNews December 8,2022

New research urges governments to invest in healthcare digitization

The Partnership for Health System Sustainability and Resilience emphasizes the need for digital transformation, even amid economic uncertainty. Jan-Willem Scheijgrond, global head of government and public affairs at Philips, unpacks the new report.


Baptist Health to Add Remote Physical Examinations to Telehealth Offerings

A partnership between Baptist Health and TytoCare aims to expand access to primary and urgent care through the implementation of remote physical examinations.


Enrollment in Integrated Health Plan Drove Telehealth Use in California

Enrollment in a health plan that integrated clinical and financial incentives for providers to adopt telehealth resulted in higher use of virtual care, new research shows.

HealthcareITNews December 8,2022

How AI and machine learning can predict illness and boost health equity

A healthcare AI expert offers a deep look into how these technologies can get to illnesses before they become severe, and help solve SDOH problems that cause inequities in healthcare.


Researchers Create mHealth Technology to Track Sleep Apnea Treatment Progress

Chicago-based researchers have developed an mhealth application that can track individualized patient needs and engagement in methods for treating sleep apnea.

HealthcareITNews December 8,2022

New Zealand expanding e-script service to cover controlled drugs

Prescribers can start issuing digital scripts for controlled drugs on 22 December.


Majority of Americans Value the Convenience Associated with Telehealth

New survey results released by AHIP showed that most Americans highly value the simplicity and convenience associated with telehealth and support making pre-deductible telehealth coverage permanent. December 7, 2022

Peering Beyond the Pandemic into the Telehealth Future

Many Medicare tools involving telehealth services were made possible by emergency blanket waivers responding to the Public Health Emergency (PHE) sparked by COVID-19. The primary changes authorized providers to offer telehealth video and audio-only services and to work from their homes while billing from their offices. Hybrid care appears on the rise, providing the flexibility of in-person or telehealth appointments. It also appears that many practitioners and patients are opting for telehealth as their primary care mode, assuring a strong telehealth future.


Watchdog: Federal Healthcare Programs Vulnerable to Telehealth Billing Risks

As part of the federal Emergency Triage, Treat, and Transport program, Mount Sinai Health System has launched an initiative that provides telehealth for non-urgent 911 ambulance calls.

HealthcareIT News December 7, 2022

At Children's Mercy, telemedicine boosts access to highly sought-after subspecialists

The Kansas City-based pediatric health system has been improving outcomes and saving costs on care across a vast rural landscape.

CCHP December 6, 2022

2022 In Review: State Telehealth Policy LEGISLATIVE ROUNDUP

As the year winds down, the Center for Connected Health Policy (CCHP) is providing its annual State Legislation Roundup. Enacted state telehealth bills in the 2022 legislative session followed trends forged in the previous 2021 legislative cycle, although at a slightly lesser volume.

CCHP December 6, 2022

State Telehealth Policy LEGISLATIVE ROUNDUP

As the year winds down, the Center for Connected Health Policy (CCHP) is providing its annual State Legislation Roundup. Enacted state telehealth bills in the 2022 legislative session followed trends forged in the previous 2021 legislative cycle, although at a slightly lesser volume. While 2020 was largely focused on scrambling to meet the needs of the population during the COVID pandemic through temporary telehealth waivers and flexibilities, both 2021 and 2022 challenged states to decide how to translate their temporary COVID policies into permanent telehealth policies, and in many cases making adjustments to their previously passed laws concerning telehealth.

CCHP December 6, 2022

Telehealth Policy Landscape Looking Towards 2023

TExecutive Director, Mei Kwong, provides a brief recap of state and federal telehealth policy in 2022 and what to look forward to in a post-PHE environment.

CCHP December 6, 2022

Telehealth Policy Landscape Looking Towards 2023

TExecutive Director, Mei Kwong, provides a brief recap of state and federal telehealth policy in 2022 and what to look forward to in a post-PHE environment.


Telehealth Usage Remains Stable in September, COVID-19 Diagnoses Decline

Telehealth usage remained unchanged between August and September, making up 5.4 percent of all medical claim lines each month, according to new data.

HealthcareIT News December 6, 2022

UMass Memorial Health proves RPM virtual sitting is as effective as in-person care

Remote patient monitoring has allowed the health system to maintain patient safety while reducing labor-pool costs.

Cape Code Times December 6, 2022

Digital divide: New study finds disparities in access to telehealth services

With an unprecedented uptick in mental illnesses amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns, telehealth use spiked when in-person care was unavailable. But new research from the Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare Institute reveals there are disparities in who has access to telehealth services across Massachusetts.

HEALTHCAREDIVE December 5, 2022

3 compliance monitoring trends and their impact on healthcare in 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on the healthcare industry, and nearly two years after it began, organizations are still grappling with the challenges they faced when it started.

mHEALTHINTELLIGENCE News December 5, 2022

AHA Requests Information on Telehealth Prescriptions for Controlled Substances

The American Hospital Association has asked the Drug Enforcement Administration to release information regarding future telehealth regulations for prescribing controlled substances.

mHEALTHINTELLIGENCE News December 5, 2022

VA Health System Adds Telehealth Program to Intensive Care Unit

The Bay Pines VA Healthcare System implemented a telehealth program known as TeleCritical Care in its intensive care unit to enhance care quality.

HealthcareIT News December 5, 2022

2023 may bring progress in SDOH tech, telehealth and interoperability

So say experts from Unite Us, who also offer a deep dive into health equity in 2022 and 2023.

HealthAffairs December 5, 2022

Audio-Only Telemedicine In Primary Care: Embraced In The NHS, Second Rate In The US

Use of telemedicine in primary care soared in the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and remains well above pre-pandemic levels. In the US, a major enabler of this shift is equal reimbursement across video, audio, and in-person visits. Policy makers must now choose whether to extend these COVID-19-era telemedicine policies. A key decision is whether audio-only telemedicine should be covered and if so, whether it should retain parity with video-based telemedicine.


TN Health System to Deploy Wearables for Continuous Inpatient Monitoring

Ardent Health Services is partnering with BioIntelliSense to implement continuous inpatient monitoring through wearable devices to improve clinical intervention.

FIERCE Healthcare December 2, 2022

Hospitals billing for time-consuming electronic patient messages

As major hospitals now bill for some patient-provider messaging, the move could usher wider adoption


Stakeholders Request Telehealth Coverage Extension for HDHPs

A recent letter from Connected Health Initiative requested that Congress extend the safe harbor for telehealth coverage by HDHPs, which is set to expire at the end of this year.


Reimbursement, Patient Tech Issues Impede Telehealth Use, Health Execs Say

According to a survey of US healthcare executives, telehealth use has proven beneficial for patients, but reimbursement and technology barriers hamper the increased use of virtual care.

HealthcareIT News December 1, 2022

Franciscan Health expands its Epic-linked telemedicine offerings

One major move was increasing its remote patient monitoring, providing additional tools and support to allow patients to feel comfortable recovering in their own home.


Virtual Care Collaboration Aims to Promote Rural Healthcare in Central NY

A partnership between Columbia University and Bassett Healthcare Network aims to expand access to healthcare in the central New York region through virtual care capabilities.

MedCityNews December 1, 2022

AHIP: Americans Want Congress To Make Telehealth Capabilities Permanent

An AHIP survey found that 73% of commercially-insured telehealth users think that Congress should make telehealth provisions permanent. These provisions were put in place to meet Americans' needs during Covid-19.


Finding Our Way Out of the Pandemic Haze: What Telehealth Tools Are Medicare Providers Allowed to Keep, and Which Must They Leave Behind?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Medicare coverage expanded to include a vast arsenal of tools that help patients access medical services while keeping patients and practitioners safe.

Healthleaders November 30, 2022


A new survey from the Center for Connected Medicine and KLAS Research finds that patient access is still top of mind for most health system leaders, with telehealth, AI and scheduling tools the most popular tools in the toolkit.

HealthcareITNews November 30, 2022

Sweetwater Medical reduces patients' blood pressure and weight with AI and RPM

"With AI-enabled remote patient monitoring, we are streamlining our clinical workflow, improving our overhead, and, most important, improving patient outcomes," the practice manager reports.


82% of Americans Want Telehealth Flexibilities Extended

A recent survey indicates that 82 percent of respondents with employer-provided coverage believe that the government should extend telehealth flexibilities.

HealthcareITNews November 30, 2022

Data privacy, lack of in-person contact among major barriers to telehealth uptake among Asian PLHIV

This is despite their increasing telehealth usage over the past year.

CCHP November 29, 2022

Will Final Rules for the Rural Emergency Hospital Designation Convince Rural Hospitals & CAHS?

Established by the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 (CAA), Rural Emergency Hospital (REH) became a new designation in the Medicare program and an eligible originating site for telehealth delivered services (to go into effect in 2023).

Foley & Lardner LLP November 29, 2022

Medicare Remote Therapeutic Monitoring: Top FAQs for 2023

On November 1, 2022, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) finalized new policies related to remote therapeutic monitoring (RTM) services reimbursed under the Medicare program.


Telehealth Requires Efforts to Improve Access to Reach Full Potential.

New research found that telehealth expansion lacks benefits when efforts to improve access are not present, which may often lead to health disparities. November 29, 2022

Telehealth Expansion Reportedly Decreased Mental Health Disparities: JAMA Study 2022

Access to quality mental health care for low-income populations is an ongoing concern. While telehealth expansion efforts during COVID have significantly improved access in many groups; research associated with access to care for low-income mental health populations has been limited.

Foley & Lardner LLP November 28, 2022

Key Takeaways from the HLTH 2022 Conference

With over 10,000 people in attendance, HLTH 2022 was inspiring and covered a wide range of subjects from health equity to the future of the digital health investment environment. Some sessions were laser-focused on current developments, but many had forward-looking themes that will be useful to note as 2023 comes into view.


Remote Patient Monitoring Program Takes Aims at Diabetes Management

UAB and UMMC collaborate to use remote patient monitoring for type 2 diabetes management.


Telehealth Boosts Access to Care in MA, But Health Equity Gaps Remain

A recent report found that broader access to telehealth has benefited many populations across Massachusetts, but several upgrades are needed in the long run to ensure health equity.

HealthcareITNews November 30, 2022

Data privacy, lack of in-person contact among major barriers to telehealth uptake among Asian PLHIV

This is despite their increasing telehealth usage over the past year.


Viewpoint: Modifier Code Allows Researchers to Evaluate Audio-Only Telehealth

BA modifier code known as CPT 93 gives researchers the ability to evaluate audio-only telehealth and ensure reliable healthcare delivery, according to a new article in Health Affairs.

HealthcareITNews November 23, 2022

Patients prefer telehealth for common illnesses, study shows

But more than half are concerned about the quality of care they're receiving, according to the Software Advice survey. One of the firm's analysts dives into the results.


Federal Funding to Support Nurse, Rural Public Health Telehealth Training

A recent grant from HRSA has provided South Dakota-based Avera Health with $2.5 million to support the nursing and rural public health workforce through telehealth and virtual care training.

HealthcareITNews November 23, 2022

NSW Health seeks best change management practices for virtual care integration

It is part of its Smarter Hospitals project which seeks to optimise virtual care technologies in NSW health facilities.

Healthleaders November 22, 2022


The waiver was included in the 2020 CARES Act but will expire on December 31 if lawmakers don't act.


Despite Challenges, Telehealth Can Provide Effective Cardiovascular Care

According to the American Heart Association, telehealth can provide effective cardiovascular care despite some challenges related to accessing technology.


State AGs Urge Continued Virtual Care Access for Opioid Use Disorder Treatment

A group of 45 attorneys general from various US states asked the DEA and the SAMHSA to preserve access to opioid use disorder treatment through telehealth.


Penn Medicine Telehealth Program Improves Access to OUD Treatment

New research conducted by Penn Medicine describes how its telehealth program helped alleviate barriers to opioid use disorder treatment and increased buprenorphine prescriptions by 89 percent.


Telehealth Availability at FQHCs Linked to Engagement in Mental Healthcare

New research shows that high telehealth availability at FQHCs led to better care engagement during the COVID-19 pandemic among Medicaid beneficiaries with mental health issues.

HealthcareITNews November 17, 2022

Cornell Scott-Hill makes big strides with specialist telemedicine

More widespread use of telehealth has enabled continuity of care for patients across different specialties and helped prevent adverse outcomes, says the health center's COO.

CCHP November 17, 2022

CMS Publishes Final CY 2023 Physician Fee Schedule (PFS)

On November 1, 2022, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released their final rule for the CY 2023 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule (PFS). CMS had previously released their proposed version on July 7, 2022. After receiving submitted feedback from the public during the comment period, CMS published the final version that, unless otherwise stated, will have policies going into effect January 1, 2023. Much of what was proposed in July remains in this final version.


Healthcare Stakeholders Urge Congress to Retain Telehealth Affordability

A letter, signed by more than 350 stakeholders, asks Congress to support affordability by extending provisions that enable employers and health plans to offer telehealth services pre-deductible.


States Continue to Expand Regulations to Support Access to Telemental Health

A new report highlighted how the mental health crisis continues to spur the need for expanded telehealth services supported by regulatory flexibilities.


AMA Releases Blueprint to Optimize Digitally Enabled Care

A recent blueprint from the American Medical Association described how digitally enabled care can impact future healthcare and how organizations can collaborate to enhance these services.

HealthCareITNews November 15, 2022

Provider burnout rates have leveled off, says KLAS report

The rates are holding steady at 34% since 2021, but the percentage of clinicians citing a chaotic work environment has stayed at 28% over the last five years.


Amazon Launches Messaging-Based Virtual Care Service

Called Amazon Clinic, the new service enables healthcare consumers to connect with clinicians via a message-based portal and receive care for common medical conditions like acne and UTIs.

HealthCareITNews November 15, 2022

A telehealth partnership between the South Dakota DOH, EMS agencies, and Avel eCare aimed to improve care delivery.

"We aim to provide convenient, high-quality, affordable care, and we are able to deliver on our pledge of putting patients first by incorporating virtual care in all strategic plans," says its CMIO.


South Dakota DOH Launches Telehealth Partnership for EMS Services

A telehealth partnership between the South Dakota DOH, EMS agencies, and Avel eCare aimed to improve care delivery.

HealthCareITNews November 14, 2022

New AMA blueprint seeks to tap the full potential of digital health

Six core concepts, developed with input from industry experts and stakeholders, offer chances for healthcare organizations to evolve in digitally enabled care.


Remote Healthcare Delivery Program Improves Cardiovascular Health

New research showed that a remote healthcare delivery program reduced blood pressure and led to higher levels of convenience.

Foley & Lardner LLP November 14, 2022

State Regulation Compliance Tips For Telehealth Employers

Companies whose business models are based entirely on remote provision of services face a number of unique employment law challenges.

HealthCareITNews November 14, 2022

Can virtual nursing help ease clinician burnout?

Six core concepts, developed with input from industry experts and stakeholders, offer chances for healthcare organizations to evolve in digitally enabled care.


WHO Releases Guide to Enhance Delivery of Telehealth Services

The agency issued a consolidated guide containing recommendations and processes to assist policymakers and providers in delivering telehealth services.

HealthCareITNews November 13, 2022

Tasmania transforming outpatient services with online booking, eReferral system

These projects are part of its broader strategy to shorten wait times while building the capacity to cater to future health demands.

HealthCareITNews November 11, 2022

Kenyan online pharmacy launches HIV telehealth program

The country's first telehealth solution provides discreet access to consultation services and medications that can prevent HIV.

HealthCareITNews November 11, 2022

Google Cloud to power virtual care delivery at Manipal Hospitals

It will also adopt Google Cloud's conversational AI tools to improve patient interactions.

HealthCareITNews November 10, 2022

Northwell to Co-Launch Virtual Care Startup Providing Menopause Services Northwell to Co-Launch Virtual Care Startup Providing Menopause Services

Together with Aegis Ventures, Northwell Holdings will launch a virtual care company offering services to manage menopause symptoms following an initial rollout among nurses at the health system.


With Improved Standards, Telehealth Could Significantly Enhance Senior Care

In a new editorial, researchers argue that telehealth can lead to improved care among seniors, provided they adhere to standards that ensure the most effective delivery of virtual care.

Foley & Lardner LLP November 9, 2022

2023 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Advances Access to Whole Person Treatment for Substance Use Disorders and Behavioral Health

Starting January 1, 2023, Medicare will expand and increase coverage of certain services and providers to advance access to prevention and treatment services for substance use disorders (SUD) and mental health services.

HealthCareITNews November 9, 2022

Rural NY health system working with Silicon Valley to expand access, digital transformation

Bassett Healthcare Network's collaboration with Andreessen Horowitz is meant to open up a suite of digital healthcare tools to enhance medical services in an eight-county region in upstate New York.


Telehealth Earned a Place in Standard Healthcare Delivery Approaches

New research indicated the emergence of telehealth adoption along with the spot it now has in the new normal of healthcare delivery approaches.


Clinical Trial to Assess Efficacy of Virtual Alcohol Use Disorder Treatment

Funding from the NIH has enabled Ria Health to collaborate with Stanford University to launch a clinical trial testing the efficacy of its virtual alcohol use disorder treatment program.


Willingness to Engage in Video Visits Spikes, Especially Among Black Americans

The willingness to use video-based telehealth grew during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the largest increases occurring among Black Americans and Americans with less education, a new survey shows.

HEALTHCAREDIVE November 7, 2022

Senator outlines potential cybersecurity mandates for health systems

Virginia Democrat Sen. Mark Warner, chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, has released a white paper detailing a series of potential regulatory requirements for health systems aimed at improving cybersecurity across the industry. November 7, 2022

Ria Health Awarded $2 Million from NIH for Telehealth Clinical Trial

Ria Health, a leading telehealth provider, specializing in Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) treatment, announced receipt of a $2 million grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for a randomized, controlled trial evaluation of Ria Health’s intervention to increase telehealth screening and treatment for alcohol use disorders.

FIERCEHealthCare November 7, 2022

Patients now more comfortable with telehealth thanks to pandemic-driven surge in virtual care: study

Patients are now more comfortable using telehealth as the COVID-19 pandemic drove a surge in virtual visits.

HealthCareITNews November 7, 2022

Innovative telemedicine solutions demoed by startups during HIMSS22 APAC

The Digital Innovation Showcase saw five startups pitching their solutions to a panel of judges and healthcare industry professionals from the APAC region.


National Telehealth Use Appears to be Stabilizing

According to new data, national telehealth use increased by 1.9 percent between July and August, remaining relatively stable compared to fluctuations in usage seen over the course of the pandemic.

HealthCareITNews November 4, 2022

Roundup: Queensland virtual ED now available statewide and more briefs

Also, Western Australia plans to make its tele-stroke service available 24/7 by next year.


New Partnership to Launch a School-Based Telehealth Program

Through a newly formed collaboration, OU Health and Oklahoma City Public Schools will launch a school-based telehealth program. November 2, 2022

Should Graduate Schools Teach Telehealth Competency?

A 2001 Institute of Medicine report highlighted the shortcomings of healthcare professional training and ongoing proficiency assessment to enhance patient care and safety (IOM, 2001). Two years later, the IOM identified objectives for educational reform for physicians, pharmacists, physician assistants, nurses, and other allied health professionals, including psychologists, social workers, counselors, marriage and family therapists, and addiction specialists (IOM HPES 2003). As telehealth adoption continues to grow, telehealth competency education and training are the keys to providing safe, effective, evidence-based telebehavioral health (TBH) services. November 2, 2022

Home-Health Telehealth & Emergency Preparedness

In a new report, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) of the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) found that home health agency (HHA) services should be reviewed to improve emergency preparedness.

healthleaders November 2, 2022


Ninety percent of medical practices reported that the payment cuts found in the 2023 Medicare physician fee schedule would reduce access to care, the MGMA says.


Telehealth Patient Satisfaction On Par with In-Person Care During Pandemic

New research shows that patient satisfaction with telehealth did not fall beneath the satisfaction levels associated with in-person care among a diverse population during the COVID-19 pandemic. November 2, 2022

Healthcare Trends for Telehealth Primary Care

Offering the healthcare industry a ten-year view of healthcare developments in primary care, behavioral health, and more. November 2, 2022

Diversity Telehealth in BIPOC Communities

Communities of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) don’t have the same access to quality healthcare as the rest of the population. The pandemic highlighted this problem as BIPOC communities suffered higher infection and mortality rate.


Most Americans Find Virtual Primary Care Effective, Appealing

New survey results show that 79 percent of Americans who engaged in virtual primary care stated that it allowed them to take charge of their health.

HealthCareITNews November 1, 2022

Study: Telemedicine abortion requests spiked after Dobbs decision

The analysis found mean daily requests for abortion medications provided through Aid Access were 82.6 during the baseline period. They reached 213.7 after the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade was announced.

Foley & Lardner LLP November 1, 2022

ATA Calls for Stakeholder Letter on Telemedicine Controlled Substances and Ryan Haight Act

A coalition of health care associations has issued a call for stakeholders to sign onto a letter urging the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to take immediate action allowing telemedicine prescribing of controlled substances after the Public Health Emergency (PHE) waivers expire.

CCHP November 1, 2022

Bipartisan Policy Center Report Highlights Telehealth Policy Considerations—Recommends 2-Year Extension of Federal Flexibilities & Further Research

Telehealth After COVID-19. The report is based upon an analysis of Medicare Telehealth Utilization and Spending Impacts 2019-2021, stakeholder input and interviews, a literature review, and a national consumer survey.

HealthcareITNews November 1, 2022

Telemedicine boosts value-based care performance for Happy Kids

The biggest achievement via the new virtual care workflow has been increased productivity, enabling providers to see more patients in less time. October 31, 2022

Patients Prefer Telehealth for Primary Care, Mental Health Needs

A recent report shows that amid a return to in-person care, telehealth use has dropped among some populations, but it is still a popular modality for accessing primary and mental healthcare.

HealthcareITNews October 28, 2022

HIMSSCast: How emerging tech is opening new avenues in telehealth, RPM

Virtual therapeutics, voice recognition and fast-evolving artificial intelligence tools are transforming home-based care, says Robin Farmanfarmaian, co-author of the new book How AI Can Democratize Healthcare. October 27, 2022

50% of Veterans with OUD Used Audio-Only Telehealth to Access Medication

Most veterans with opioid use disorder used telehealth to access treatment, with half engaging in phone-only visits, highlighting the importance of access to audio-only services, new research shows. October 27, 2022

ED Return Visit, Hospitalization More Likely After Telehealth Follow-up

Follow-ups conducted via telehealth after an ED visit may result in increased healthcare utilization, including a return visit to the ED, as compared with in-person follow-ups, new research shows. October 27, 2022

Washington Post Reported Investigation of “Done Global” ADHD Services for Telehealth Prescription Practices

On September 16, the Wall Street Journal reported the DEA’s investigation of Done Global Inc. for its telehealth prescription methods. Done Global is a digital therapeutics company specializing in the remote treatment of Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). In recent months, the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has been investigating the telehealth prescription practices of digital therapeutics companies specializing in behavioral care. The Wall Street Journal reported the DEA’s investigation of Done Global Inc for its telehealth prescription practices. October 26, 2022

Virtual Care On Par with In-Clinic Treatment of High Blood Pressure

New research shows that telehealth can be used to monitor and manage high blood pressure as effectively as clinic-based care methods.

Healthleaders October 26, 2022


A digital health company has unveiled an app and platform that can help consumers identify flu-like symptoms at home and access resources for treatment. October 26, 2022

OIG Recommends Home Health Agencies Evaluate Telehealth Activity

In a new report, HHS' Office of Inspector General described the need for home health agencies to review telehealth trends as its use continues to expand.

HealthcareITNews October 25, 2022

HIMSS promotes key policies on telehealth expansion, maternal health

During Global Health Equity Week, HIMSS is calling on its members to contact senators and state governors to make policy changes preserving virtual care flexibilities and modernizing information and technology systems to improve perinatal healthcare.

CCHP October 25, 2022


Last week’s latest update to CCHP’s Telehealth Policy Finder included a brand-new feature: a category specifically for federally qualified health centers' (FQHC) Medicaid fee-for-service policies.

HealthcareITNews October 25, 2022

The intersection of remote patient monitoring and AI

Robin Farmanfarmaian, a Silicon Valley AI entrepreneur and author, explains how artificial intelligence can boost the efficacy of RPM and help democratize healthcare. October 24, 2022

Two Providers Join Forces to Launch Virtual, In-Home Care Company

MUSC Health and the MetroHealth System have partnered to create a comprehensive care company to deliver virtual and in-home care.

HealthcareITNews October 24, 2022

RPM leads to early detection of stroke-risk blood pressure at Boston Medical Center

The academic medical center's physician chief of maternal fetal medicine explains how remote patient monitoring technology improves care during a very sensitive time in a woman's life. October 24, 2022

Virtual Health Integration Linked to Improving Healthcare Delivery

Virtual health integration with in-person care is a critical step in improving patient outcomes and care delivery for employees and their families, according to a new report. October 24, 2022

Broadband Availability Linked to Video-Based Telehealth Use Among Veterans

New research shows that the extent to which patients from the Veterans Health Administration used video-based telehealth increased with access to adequate broadband internet. October 21, 2022

34 States, DC Offer Some Reimbursement for Audio-Only Telehealth

A new report on state-level telehealth policies shows that 34 states and D.C. pay for audio-only telephone through their Medicaid programs, but with certain limitations. October 21, 2022

New Virtual Program Aims to Expand Access to Cardiac Rehabilitation

Tampa General's heart institute and Recora are working together to expand access to cardiac rehabilitation through a new virtual recovery program.

HealthAffairs October 20, 2022

Advancing Health Equity For People With Intellectual And Developmental Disabilities

There are numerous health inequities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). They experience lower rates of preventive screening; higher rates of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease; lower life expectancy; and higher rates of pregnancy complications. If that’s not enough, they have been at nearly six times greater risk of dying from COVID-19. October 20, 2022

Telehealth Visit Volumes Drop 37% Since Peak Usage During Pandemic

New data shows that while telehealth visits have declined since the second quarter of 2020, behavioral health patients continue to flock to telehealth, making it a key area for provider investment.

HealthcareITNews October 20, 2022

A closer look at the tech needed for new care-at-home and aging-in-place models

Connecting care teams and enabling information sharing among hospitals, group practices and, most importantly, families is crucial to helping more senior citizens get healthcare at home. October 19, 2022

IN Health System Adds Virtual Care Initiatives to Expand Offerings

Parkview Health aims to expand access to clinical support through new virtual care initiatives provided from one centralized location.

HealthcareITNews October 19, 2022

Australia to restore video telehealth subsidy for rural mental health

The MBS item was previously cut, forcing some people to give up treatment and some psychiatrists to cease providing service. October 19, 2022

Ochsner Digital Health Pilot Improves Diabetes, Hypertension Outcomes

A digital health pilot conducted by Ochsner Health helped about 50 percent of hypertensive patients and almost 60 percent of type 2 diabetes patients reach their outcomes goals. October 18, 2022

Ketamine Telehealth: Safety Concerns & Continued Use Post-COVID

Ketamine telehealth became popular during the pandemic when in-office visits were restricted or unavailable for months. Patients were able to receive a prescription for Ketamine treatment for use in their own homes without in-person supervision and care from their providers. October 18, 2022

Telehealth Reduces No-Show Rates, Improves Access Among Surgical Patients

New research shows that telehealth services successfully connected surgical patients to care and reduced the odds of a no-show among two-thirds of patients. October 18, 2022

Telehealth Usage Report Points to Continued Telehealth Expansion for Telehealth Practice Development

Active healthcare practitioners are now enjoying the option of choosing one of three approaches to deliver care: in-person only, hybrid telehealth, and telehealth-only. As detailed in earlier TBHI articles about future opportunities in telehealth, Medicare offers unparalleled practice development and specialization opportunities. For instance, in behavioral care, Medicare has approved telephone and video teletherapy reimbursement.

CCHP October 18, 2022 Link

Just Released! CCHP’s 50 State Telehealth Policy Summary Report, Fall 2022….Trends in Telehealth Policy

Today the Center for Connected Health Policy (CCHP) is releasing its bi-annual summary of state telehealth policy changes for Fall 2022.

Healthleaders October 18, 2022


A recent OIG report contains vital information for your revenue cycle staffs' telehealth billing practices. October 17, 2022

Physicians Approve of Using Telehealth to Treat Opioid Use Disorder

New research shows that a high percentage of registered physicians found telehealth a favorable method for treating opioid use disorder patients.

HealthcareITNews October 17, 2022

What an eventual end to the PHE would mean for telehealth

Among other impacts, ending the PHE would represent access challenges and a loss of Medicaid coverage for millions, and would end medication-assisted treatment for opioid use disorder without an in-person exam.

HCCHP October 15, 2022

State Telehealth Laws and Reimbursement Policies Report, Fall 2022

The Center for Connected Health Policy’s (CCHP) Fall 2022 Summary Report of the state telehealth laws and Medicaid program policies is now available as well as updated information on our online Policy

CCHP – Fact Sheet October 14, 2022

State Summary Chart, Telehealth Laws and Reimbursement Policies, Fall 2022

This chart provides a quick reference summary of each state’s telehealth policy on Medicaid reimbursement, private payer reimbursement laws, professi

Healthleaders October 14, 2022


In the second of a two-part interview, Brian Clear MD, chief medical officer of Bicycle Health, talks about treatment details and regulato October 14, 2022

Partnership to Add Virtual Primary Care Feature to Smart TVs

Aiming to increase access to primary care, HealthTap and Samsung are working together to create and implement a virtual healthcare feature for smart TVs, allowing patients to access prima

CCHP-Fact Sheet October 14, 2022

Infographic, State Telehealth Laws and Reimbursement Policies, Fall 2022

An ‘At a Glance’ look at trends in state telehealth laws, regulations and reimbursement policies across all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands. See the number of states

Commonwealth October 14, 2022


ONE Of THE BIGGEST shifts in health care during the COVID-19 pandemic was the sudden launch of telehealth. Before COVID, doctors and hospitals rarely offered video visits and very few patients ever used telehealth. Suddenly, when doctors’ offices largely shut down in March 2020 and patients feared returning once they reopened, telehealth burgeoned in popularity, spurred by emergency orders requiring equal insurance reimbursement. October 13, 2022

Group Recommends Policy Changes for Future Telehealth Optimization

The Bipartisan Policy Center detailed trends in telehealth use and recommended policies to support future telehealth optimization, such as removing excessive in-person visit requirements for behavioral healthcare.

Healthleaders October 13, 2022


With the end of the COVID-19 public health emergency on the horizon, some healthcare organizations are struggling to come to grips with the impending loss of telehealth freedoms.

Healthleaders October 12, 2022


In the first of a two-part interview, Brian Clear, MD, chief medical officer of Bicycle Health, describes an approach supported by the AMA, the American Society of Addiction Medicine, and other experts.

MedCitynNews October 12, 2022

Telehealth benefits need extension with 2 key guardrails, policy expert says

If telehealth flexibilities are not protected once the public health emergency expires, many Americans will lose their access to virtual care. To prevent this, the healthcare industry must advocate for the extension of these benefits for at least two years following the end of the emergency, with guardrails placed around two key areas — the prescription of addictive medications and audio-only visits. October 12, 2022

Telehealth-Enabled Observation Effective for At-Home Methadone Dosing

New research shows that video observation positively impacted rates of observed at-home methadone dosing, enhancing patient safety and reducing infection risks.

CCHP-Newsletter October 11, 2022

Telehealth Prescription Denials, Medicare Data & More Telehealth Research Studies During Pandemic

CHP’s October Newsletter is Here! This month’s topics include: Controlled Substance Prescribing During COVID-19 PHE and Cases of Pharmacy Prescription Rejections; New Medicare Telehealth Claims Data and CMS Trends Snapshot Report; New Report on Telehealth and Children of Color with Special Health Care Needs; Latest Policy Developments in CCHP’s Telehealth Policy Finder and Policy Trends Map; TRICARE Telehealth Policy Changes; HIPAA Covered Entity Decision Tool; Two Studies Address Telehealth Use During Pandemic for Opioid Use Disorder & Out-Of-State Telehealth; CCHP Fall 2022 Webinar Series Coming Later This Month.

HealthcareITNews October 11, 2022

About 80% of emergency patients avoided hospital admission in SA Virtual Care Service trial

The service is now being rolled out in more than 120 residential aged care facilities.

HealthcareITNews October 11, 2022

Using telemedicine when it makes sense

Patients worldwide prefer a mix of in-person and virtual care moving forward from the pandemic.

HealthcareITNews October 10, 2022

Telemedicine boosts access, decreases inequities in Montana

The University of Montana College of Health has expanded its telehealth offerings across many disciplines to reach more people, especially in tribal communities. October 10, 2022

Older Adults Satisfied with Telehealth During COVID-19 Pandemic

New research showed that adults 65 and older were relatively satisfied with telehealth throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and desired continued access to virtual care. October 7, 2022

Researchers Win NIH Grant to Treat Opioid Overuse Through Telehealth

Researchers from New York and Connecticut aim to implement an opioid use disorder intervention that leverages telehealth following a $1.1 million federal grant.

Healthleaders October 6, 2022


HealthLeaders' regulatory round up series highlights five essential governing updates that cover every aspect of the revenue cycle that leaders need to know. Check back in each month for more updates.

CCHP October 6, 2022

Leaving No One Behind: Assessing the State of Access to Virtual Care for California’s Older Adult Population - Recorded Webinar

Over two and a half years into the pandemic, a series of telehealth policy changes have been made on both the federal and state levels that will impact the ability of Californians to receive care through technology, particularly the senior population. Join the California Telehealth Policy Coalition and an expert panel to discuss efforts in the state and what else may be needed to ensure seniors are not left behind.

healthleaders October 6, 2022


Researchers have found that telehealth performed better than in-person care in 11 of 16 HEDIS quality performance measures, but that doesn't mean virtual care is superior to the office visit. October 6, 2022

SD Health System Aims to Improve Maternal Care Outcomes Through Telehealth

Avera Health plans to use a $4 million federal grant to improve maternal care outcomes through enhanced virtual access to obstetrics services and remote patient monitoring.

HealthcareITNews October 4, 2022

Where telehealth can help curb the mental health staffing shortage

A physician and virtual care expert discusses how demand for behavioral health services is increasing and what telemedicine can do to meet these needs. He shows how the tech can help serve vulnerable populations. October 4, 2022

Post-COVID Recommendations for HIPAA Enforcement & CMS Telehealth: Government Accountability Office

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) recently released a report urging more oversight of HIPAA regulations and CME telehealth. The uptake of telehealth technologies has increased the risk of telehealth fraud, waste, and abuse.

CCHP October 4, 2022


Last week the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a new report to Congress regarding telehealth in Medicare, recommending additional actions related to increasing oversight and provider/patient education. Citing stakeholder interest in making pandemic telehealth expansions permanent, the GAO stressed the need for the report as a means to caution lawmakers around the potential for abuse, fraud, and privacy issues.

HealthcareITNews October 4, 2022

Telehealth now serves unmet needs, says athenahealth

Virtual care is playing a more significant role in filling gaps in delivery, having evolved from pandemic-era visit replacement, according to a new study from the cloud IT developer. October 3, 2022

Michigan Establishes 13 Test to Treat Sites With Telehealth Options

The sites will enable people who test positive for COVID-19 to remain at the place they were tested, virtually consult with physicians, and receive a prescription for antiviral treatment if needed. October 3, 2022

Project Increases Telehealth Access Among Veterans Facing Homelessness

Researchers expanded telehealth access for homeless veterans by 5.5 percent in 16 weeks through a quality improvement project.

Foley & Lardner, LLP October 3, 2022

FQHCs: Proposed Guidance Addresses Health Center Delivery of Telehealth Services

The federal government is requesting comments on proposed guidance for federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) that provide services via telehealth. The guidance communicates key criteria for ensuring services delivered via telehealth remain within the health center’s Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)-approved scope of project, and therefore qualify for benefits such as Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) coverage, 340B discount drug pricing, and enhanced Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement.

healthleaders October 3, 2022


Since the “Great Resignation” began, many healthcare organizations have been struggling to maintain a standard of care that doesn’t increase costs in a time of economic uncertainty. October 3, 2022

Telehealth Provider, Research Institute to Study COVID-19 Rebound

On-demand telehealth provider eMed and Scripps Research Translational Institute are launching an at-home study to examine patient responses to COVID-19 treatment. September 30, 2022

Healthcare Provider to Expand Telehealth Research Collab With $2M Grant

New research shows that 57 to 80 percent of patients prefer telehealth when obtaining care, revealing high levels of satisfaction with the care modality. September 30, 2022

Patients Indicate High Levels of Satisfaction Following Telehealth Use

New research shows that 57 to 80 percent of patients prefer telehealth when obtaining care, revealing high levels of satisfaction with the care modality. September 29, 2022

Telehealth Care Quality Better Than In-Person For Some Measures

New research shows that telehealth can enhance healthcare quality, with telehealth patients experiencing a similar or better performance in some quality measures than patients receiving in-person care. September 28, 2022

Chronic Care Patients 88% More Likely to Use Telehealth Than Their Peers

New research shows that telehealth use continues to impact healthcare delivery positively and remains popular among patients, especially chronic care, female, and mental health patients. September 28, 2022

New Remote Patient Monitoring Program Aims to Assist Chronic Care Patients

Watertown Regional Medical Center has launched a new remote patient monitoring program that aims to improve care for chronic conditions such as hypertension and heart failure.

HealthcareITNews September 27, 2022

How one FQHC uses telehealth for primary care, behavioral health and addiction treatment

Harbor Care Health and Wellness Center put $800K in grant funds toward mobile and web-based platforms and network infrastructure to serve the homeless with virtual care.

CCHP September 27, 2022

Teleheatlh & Health Centers-HRSA Draft Telehealth Policy Guidance Released

Earlier this month the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) released draft telehealth policy guidance, Draft Scope of Project and Telehealth Policy Information Notice (Telehealth PIN), for HRSA-funded health centers and Health Center Program look-alikes. The guidance includes considerations and criteria for health centers to meet in order to provide telehealth services to patients. HRSA is inviting public feedback and comment on the Draft Telehealth PIN until mid-November. September 26, 2022

Florida Health System to Launch RPM Platform for Heart Failure, Hypertension

Baptist Health South Florida is joining forces with Raziel Health to deploy its platform that combines remote monitoring, virtual care, and machine learning to bolster cardiac care.

HealthcareITNews September 23, 2022

Digital front doors' advantages when meeting population health needs

"This is really the future of care. Digital front doors can provide one single entry point and experience for the patient," one expert contends. September 23, 2022

New Research Affirms Telehealth’s Efficacy, Role in Expanding Mental Healthcare

Researchers dismissed common concerns about telehealth and described how virtual care helped improve behavioral health access at nursing homes in two papers published in NEJM Catalyst.

HealthcareITNews September 23, 2022

ATA: What's ahead for telehealth policy after the pandemic

Federal and state advocacy team members discussed the status of telehealth policy as the public health emergency deadline looms and the industry questions, 'Is the pandemic over?'

FIERCE Healthcare September 23, 2022

Senate to vote again on ending COVID-19 national emergency

The Senate is expected to vote on a resolution to end the COVID-19 national emergency as pressure grows on the Biden administration to unwind emergencies. September 22, 2022

Blue Cross NC to Expand Telehealth Coverage Following Spike in Use

After observing a massive jump in telehealth claims since March 2020, the payer decided to expand telehealth coverage for fully insured and administrative services-only plan members. September 22, 2022

Out-of-State Telehealth Aided Rural Residents Amid the Pandemic

New research shows that several Medicare beneficiaries benefited from expanding out-of-state telehealth services, including rural residents and cancer survivors. September 21, 2022

Permanent Telehealth Reimbursement Update: Bipartisan Legislation for Telehealth Extension

New, bipartisan legislation has been proposed to solidify telehealth policy based on telehealth advances and supporting research. Given the overall satisfaction and success of telehealth, bipartisan interest in supporting telehealth growth and reimbursement led to the submission of a bill titled, Advancing Telehealth Beyond COVID-19 Act of 2021 in support of another telehealth extension. September 20, 2022

Telehealth Widely Used by Patients With Pediatric Neurology Conditions

New research shows that telehealth was widely used by pediatric neurology patients even after in-person care restrictions were lifted, particularly among those with epilepsy and ADHD.

CCHP September 20, 2022

Cross State Practice Issues: VA Proposes Rule Changes Related to Providers Practicing via Telehealth

Cross-state practice issues have become a source of great confusion during the pandemic for both providers and patients. Generally, telehealth is considered to occur at the physical location of the patient, requiring a provider to have a license to practice in the state where the patient is located, or fall under a licensure exception or participate in an eligible licensing compact in the patient’s state.

FIERCE Healthcare September 19, 2022

OIG report flags telehealth insurance fraud, recommends CMS beef up oversight

A mental health provider billed an average of four hours per visit for 37 different visits. The provider and six others who overbilled for providing telehealth services to Medicare beneficiaries during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic all worked for the same chain of mental health and substance abuse offices in Florida.

HealthcareITNews September 19, 2022

Physician burnout is at an all-time high, says AMA

Due to the extreme stressors of COVID-19, career disengagement characterizes a U.S. physician workforce already in short supply, the group says, calling for telehealth expansion and prior auth reforms. September 19, 2022

Viewpoint: Telehealth Disparities Exist Among Visually Impaired Populations

An article in Health Affairs shows that visually impaired patients often experience telehealth disparities due to difficulties with accessibility and navigation and shares recommendations to alleviate these issues.

HealthcareITNews September 19, 2022

Inside a new virtual-first, Epic-based, nationwide telehealth services company

Dr. Lyle Berkowitz, CEO of just-launched KeyCare, talks about how contracting with a third-party telehealth service works, the importance of the Epic link – and where he thinks virtual care is headed next. September 19, 2022

Report: Texas Provider Aims to Improve Patient Access with At-Home Care Program

Texas Health Resources has created an acute care at-home program in an effort to improve patient access and quality of care.

Healthcare IT News September 19, 2022

Physician burnout is at an all-time high, says AMA

Due to the extreme stressors of COVID-19, career disengagement characterizes a U.S. physician workforce already in short supply, the group says, calling for telehealth expansion and prior auth reforms. September 15, 2022

Report: Telehealth Company’s Prescribing Practices Come Under DEA Scrutiny

Remote care tools have seen the largest increase in physician adoption since 2016, with more physicians noting their importance as digital health adoption rises, a new survey shows. September 15, 2022

Limited Resources Led to Lower Telehealth Engagement Among Rural Residents

New research shows a difference of 25.1 percentage points in the increase in telehealth engagement among rural and urban residents during the pandemic, indicating the need for additional resources. September 15, 2022

Physician Uptake of Telehealth, RPM Higher Than Other Digital Health Tools

Remote care tools have seen the largest increase in physician adoption since 2016, with more physicians noting their importance as digital health adoption rises, a new survey shows. September 15, 2022

Limited Resources Led to Lower Telehealth Engagement Among Rural Residents

New research shows a difference of 25.1 percentage points in the increase in telehealth engagement among rural and urban residents during the pandemic, indicating the need for additional resources.

Healthcare IT News September 14, 2022

Physician adoption of digital health tools is accelerating, AMA research shows

A three-time survey of 1,300 physicians from 2016-2022 revealed growing recognition of technology's benefit, with the biggest growth seen in remote care tools and planning for digital therapeutics. September 14, 2022

375 Healthcare Organizations Urge Senate to Ensure Expanded Telehealth Access

A letter, co-led by the American Telehealth Association and signed by 375 healthcare stakeholders, requests that the US Senate approve a two-year extension to allow for expanded telehealth access.

Healthcare IT News September 13, 2022

How telehealth can keep people with disabilities out of the ER

People with disabilities often are faced with higher rates of chronic conditions and experience a higher rate of financial difficulty covering the costs of care. September 13, 2022

Partnership Aims to Enhance Patient Access to Digital Therapeutics

A new collaboration between Trinity Health and Orexo US aims to increase patient access to digital therapeutics to treat depression and alcohol abuse in North Dakota and Montana. September 13, 2022

Telehealth Use More Frequent Among Urban, Hispanic Medicare Beneficiaries

New federal research shows that Hispanic and urban Medicare beneficiaries were more likely to use telehealth during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. September 13, 2022

National Telehealth Use Drops Almost 4% in June

According to new data, June saw a 3.7 percent decline in national telehealth use, dropping from 5.4 percent of medical claim lines in May to 5.2 percent.

CCHP September 13, 2022

OIG Reports on Program Integrity, Risk, State Policy Changes, Likelihood PHE Extension & More!

Last week, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) released a report that provided an overview and analysis of fraud in telehealth billing data during the first year of the pandemic, while also identifying ways that Medicare might protect against fraud, waste and abuse in the future.

Healthcare IT News September 12, 2022

How virtual reality can help address the mental health professional shortage

Low-touch digital apps and high-touch telehealth don't fully address the lack of capacity in behavioral health – VR can, says one psychologist, who explains how.

CCHP September 2022

Video-Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Licensure & Telehealth

This video addresses the most frequently asked questions CCHP receives regarding licensure and telehealth for example: (1) What does the law says if your patient is going on vacation to another state, but still needs your services? (2) Do you really need a license in another state if you’re just consulting with a provider who is already licensed in that state? (3) ….and many more! View the PPT for this video here. September 12, 2022

Rural Hospital Association Expands Access to Telehealth Resources

The National Rural Health Association has partnered with Equum Medical to provide underserved rural communities with various telehealth resources, including virtual observation assistance. September 9, 2022

Telehealth Supports Access to Medication Abortion Services

New research shows that telehealth can help women access secure medical abortion services through text messaging tools and at-home medications. September 9, 2022

Spike in Remote Patient Monitoring Driven by Handful of Providers

New research found that the COVID-19 pandemic led to expanded use of remote patient monitoring, but the increase was largely driven by a small number of primary care providers. September 9, 2022

Patient Safety Campaign Aims to Enhance Telehealth Education

The Joint Commission has launched a patient safety campaign to advance telehealth education and provider communication.

Healthcare IT News September 8, 2022

A rural Kansas FQHC brings remote patient monitoring to the underserved

"We have learned more about the huge technological and digital access barriers that many of our rural patients face," the director of patient engagement at Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas says. September 8, 2022

Telehealth Billing Poses Relatively Small Risk to Medicare Program

A new federal report shows that the risk related to high billing for telehealth services provided to Medicare beneficiaries is relatively low.

HEALTHCAREDIVE September 7, 2022

Physician groups urge CMS to prevent payment cuts, protect telehealth

The American Medical Association, in comments Tuesday on Medicare’s proposed Physician Fee Schedule for fiscal 2023, urged the CMS to reform and strengthen the program’s payment system, warning it is on an “unsustainable path” that jeopardizes patient access to care. September 7, 2022

Clinical Diagnoses Similar During Telehealth, In-Person Visits

New research shows that diagnoses provided during a video-based telehealth visit matched the in-person reference standard diagnoses in 86.9 percent of cases. September 7, 2022

Adverse Event Rate Similar for Remote, In-Home Physician Visits

New research shows a small difference in the number of adverse events among patients receiving in-home physician visits and those receiving remote care.

Healthcare IT News September 6, 2022

Medical school's faculty physicians conquer the digital divide with telehealth and RPM

The University of Maryland School of Medicine has expanded its telemedicine program to help reach vulnerable patients in need of care, regardless of location or technological savvy.

CCHP September 6, 2022

Expanded Telehealth & Audio-Only Policies Improve OUD Treatment

A recent study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry, Impact of COVID-19 Telehealth Policy Changes on Buprenorphine Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder, found that expanded policies allowing increased use of telehealth by phone and video kept veterans receiving medication-based treatment for opioid use disorder (OUD).

mobihealthnews September 2, 2022

Study: Pandemic telehealth use linked to lower opioid overdose risk

Receiving opioid use disorder-related telehealth services during the COVID-19 pandemic was associated with lower odds of overdose and better retention using medications like buprenorphine, according to a study published in JAMA Psychiatry. September 1, 2022

Home-Based Cardiac Rehabilitation Leads to Positive Patient Outcomes

New research shows that home-based cardiac rehabilitation resulted in positive patient outcomes, such as lower hospitalization rates among cardiovascular disease patients. September 1, 2022

Telehealth Expansion Linked to Drop in Opioid Overdose Risk During Pandemic

A new study has linked expanded telehealth use during the COVID-19 pandemic with a decline in the likelihood of overdoses among Medicare patients with opioid use disorder.

CCHP September 2022

Video-Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Licensure & Telehealth

This video addresses the most frequently asked questions CCHP receives regarding licensure and telehealth for example: (1) What does the law says if your patient is going on vacation to another state, but still needs your services? (2) Do you really need a license in another state if you’re just consulting with a provider who is already licensed in that state? (3) ….and many more!


No ‘slam dunk fix’ in HIPAA privacy law to protect abortion patients

The Biden administration wants to lean on the decades-old privacy law to protect abortion patients. What could it actually do?


18 Health Systems Collaborate to Develop Hospital-at-Home Tools

Ariadne Labs and CaroNova brought the health systems together to develop tools to help providers set up and enhance hospital-at-home programs.


Hospitals have low level of accountability for connected device breaches

Hospitals are not taking basic security actions and have low levels of accountability regarding cyberattacks, ransomware and data theft stemming from breached medical devices, new research suggests.

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