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Cameras and monitors mounted on mobile carts have been connecting patients in rural exam rooms to distant providers for decades. Many of these integrate electronic stethoscopes and other peripheral devices to transmit a physical exam and other essential vitals. As telehealth programs expand, healthcare organizations have begun to use off-the-shelf webcams/laptops, tablets, and even smart phones. While established vendors compete to create the most efficient end-to-end solution, many new entrepreneurs attempt to navigate the regulatory process. Innovators are developing new software (such as cloud-based videoconferencing, enhanced workflow products, and a wide variety of mobile apps) and hardware (including smaller carts, high-definition cameras, all-in-one peripheral devices, and more). Throughout the industry, a major emphasis to connect the consumer at home or work continues to develop.

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NCTRC 2021 Annual Report

Date Published: 2022 | Author: National Consortium of Telehealth Resource Centers

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AMA 2021 Telehealth Survey Report

Date Published: 2022 | Author: American Medical Association

Journal Article

UnderFunded Infrastructure: Impact on Health Equity

Date Published: 2022 | Author: Donna Christensen, MD

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Rating the States on Telehealth Best Practices

Date Published: 2022 | Author: Cicero Institute

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Date Published: 2022 | Author: Federation of State Medical Boards

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Date Published: 2022 | Author: National Telehealth Technology Assessment Resource Center

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Telehealth and Substance Use Disorder Services in the Era of COVID-19: Review and Recommendations

Date Published: 2022 | Author: Office of National Drug Control Policy

Journal Article

Power and Participation: How Community Health Centers Address the Determinants of the Social Determinants of Health

Date Published: 2022 | Author: Cole, M.; Jolliffe, M.; Gottlieb, B.

Journal Article

Remote Monitoring of Patient and Family-Generated Health Data in Pediatrics

Date Published: 2022 | Author: Foster, C., Schinasi, D., Kan, K., Macy, M., Wheeler, D., Curfman, A.

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Strategic Investments in Telehealth and Digital Tools for Health Centers

Date Published: 2021 | Author: Mid-Atlantic TRC and NACHC

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2021 Consumer Engagement in Health Care Survey

Date Published: 2021 | Author: PressGaney


GAO Reports on Telehealth COVID-19 Flexibility Findings

Date Published: 2021 | Author: Center for Connected Health Policy(CCHP)

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FQHC Telehealth Playbook

Date Published: 2021 | Author: FQHC Telehealth Consortium

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National Telecommunications and Information Administration BroadbandUSA FY21 Interactive Federal Funding Guide

Date Published: 2021 | Author: National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA)


UNH Telehealth Practice Center- Training Videos YouTube Channel

Date Published: 2021 | Author: University of New Hampshire TelePractice Center

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Telemedicine: Ensuring Safe, Equitable, Person-Centered Virtual Care

Date Published: 2021 | Author: Institute for Healthcare Improvement

Journal Article

Telephone vs. Video Visits During COVID-19: Safety-Net Provider Perspectives

Date Published: 2021 | Author: Ji Eun Chang, Zoe Lindenfeld, Stephanie L. Albert, Rachel Massar, Donna Shelley, Lorraine Kwok, Kayla Fennelly, Carolyn A. Berry

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State Medicaid & CHIP Telehealth Toolkit Policy Considerations for States Expanding Use of Telehealth COVID-19 Version: Supplement #1

Date Published: 2021 | Author: Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Journal Article

Telehealth for opioid use disorder treatment in low-barrier clinic settings: an exploration of clinician and staff perspectives

Date Published: 2021 | Author: Aronowitz, S., Engel-Rebitzer, E., Dolan, A., Oyekanmi, K., et. al

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